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Most confortable Business Plan for your Business

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Pantry Services

Health, safety and hygiene are the utmost priority, whether it be for an individual, an organization or the society as a whole. Housekeeping operations under our soft services ensure occupational safety and encourage productivity by doing strategic and tactical routine cleaning and organising of the workplace through the means of custom cleaning techniques, smart technology and expert individuals who work with precision.


Professional Support Services

Soft services also broaden into office support like reception and administration personnel that can not only offer a warm welcome to visitors but can also help you ensure safety from the first point of contact that is the entry of the premises. From providing mandatory safety and health guidelines to administering the organisational activities, stay in control of the functioning.

Commercial Estate

After careful analysis, that constitutes understanding the actual or possible traffic flow in your organization's premises, identifying regular touch points for ease of movement and adapting the design and structure of your space to reduce risk by enhancing compliance. This facility comes as an extension of Commercial Estate services which offers co-working spaces, properties for lease and other office spaces.

Your workspace acts as a personality of your brand, finding luxury interiors and top locations at an affordable price while offering exactly what will boost your business so it can add to the growth, expansion and rule is the most promising feature offered under co-working spaces.


Transportation & Logistics

Handling and completion of transportation & logistics for even a small distance can be task when there are multiple other activities happening at the same time, this task cannot be entrusted to just anyone especially when the question is about safety and high standard deliverance which is why Waterstreet provides expertise in transportation that comes in varied forms, premium services and cars that provide management of fleet and even executive chauffeur services.

Man Power Solutions

All the technology in the world cannot match the intuitiveness, emotional intelligence and quick on-the-feet thinking of it’s maker, a human being. Striking a balance between technology and human intel, we offer a pool of well trained and professional manpower solutions for all your needs.


Catering Solutions

Fueling minds through the nourishment of health, bringing people together through food, it’s not just a meal it’s an emotion. The integrated food services are meant to design experiences that set new standards for not only sanitization, well-being and health but also productivity, sustainability and even creativity. The extensive catering solutions cover everything from conceptualization to scheduling to execution whether it be taking care of the presentation, highly talented servers, or even sourcing luxurious linens, tables, chairs and other materials.

Security Management

Peace of mind not only comes with the fact that your business is successful but also with knowing that it’s workplace and its people are secure and safe. Creating a secure environment for everyone from the employees, it’s assets and to it’s guests facilitate a working environment built on trust. Our security services with its intelligent solutions create a productive and welcoming environment that can ensure today’s high standards through various levels in our security management systems and through the help of people who are trained, experienced and adhere to the requisite protocol.


Media Solutions

We believe in making brands smart and innovative to uphold the interaction levels in today’s internet and tech savvy generation. The digital age calls for unique and creative solutions to bridge the communication gap, market and even promote themselves. Indulge in the exclusive, highly competitive market through a digital media voice that stands out through media solutions like video production, photography and graphic design.


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